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Choosing the right tattooist or body piercer is imperative.

Experience and Accreditation

When hunting for your ideal tattooist or body piercer ensure they are confident and capable and most importantly accredited and experienced. If they don't ask a lot of questions then assume they don't care and move on ie: Have you eaten in the last few hours? (your blood sugar levels are important) Is this your first piercing? Have you ever fainted before? Have you been drinking etc.

Their manner should be enthusiastic toward tattooing and piercing and caring /calming towards you. They should also have the knowledge to ease your mind on the spot about most fears. 

One of the most controversial issues is that of the age of consent. We believe it is in best interest for the minor and general public to ensure that the tattoo and piercing clinics and practitioners respect boundaries and limitations.

Sterilization and Safety

Our mission to improve the standards of practice in the industry of Tattooing and body piercing. Community safety is our prime focus both within our own clinics and in our educational programs. There are many untrained piercers and tattooists that have neither the knowledge nor the experience to offer clients legal, safe and a successful tattoo /body piercing. 

The premises should Council approved and follow the latest skin penetration guidelines for the relevant state and be clean and have an authorised autoclave for successful sterilization. Or use disposable instruments 

Good consultations with regard to safety in metal quality and appropriate size, style and measuring should be expected by anyone wanting to be pierced. Our general advice would be to go to an experienced professional piercer for the best results.


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